Hello! Meet Gatsby and Scout, brother & sister Pembroke Welsh Corgis named after classic literature. They love fetch and tug, In N Out meat patties, squeaky tennis balls, and the occasional frozen yogurt. They are the best of friends.

Gatsby was born on December 10, 2011. He is AKC registered as "Fitzgerald's The Great Blue Jay." He's a happy-go-lucky ham and he loves agility. He's our little Hamkrakken.

Scout was born March 4, 2013 and is AKC registered as "Jean Louise's Lady Mockingbird." She is sassy, bossy, and every bit like her literary namesake.

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Gatsby hasn’t had agility classes for the past 2 weeks now (our trainers went on vacation). Because I wanted to keep him sharp and ready for when classes resume, we took him to our training facility to practice. These were taken last week. He did pretty well that week. We worked on his weaves a lot and he’s doing better with that. We also practiced the run that we did in class 2 weeks ago — A-frame, tire jump, jump, triple jump, jump, and dog walk. Video will be posted shortly.

This past Thursday, we took him again for practice. He was definitely a corgi this week and refused to do a lot of the jumps. It could’ve been the weather, although it was actually nice and cool since we went around 7:15ish. Either way, he really tested my patience this past week. One good thing that did come out of this week’s practice was that he is now comfortable with the curved tunnel. We worked on that and his weaves this past week so he’s definitely getting more and more solid on those two.  I’m hoping that we’ll get to work on the teeter in this upcoming week’s class. He hasn’t had much practice on that. 

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